Episode 2: The Life of Rachel Carson (featuring Mollie Ramos)

In Episode 2, we spoke to Mollie Ramos, head of the Online Team about her  article on ‘The Life of Rachel Carson’, featuring in Issue 32: Religion, Culture and Environment. Described as the “essence of gentle scholarship”, Rachel Carson’s most notable contribution ‘Silent Spring’ revolutionised the role of environmental protection and conservation, and as we Continue Reading

Episode 1: Manchester Historian Editors (featuring: Laura Ali & Will Kerrs)

Welcome to the first instalment of the Manchester Historian Podcast

In this episode, we spoke to editors of the magazine for the 2018/19 year, Laura Ali and Will Kerrs.

We discussed everything from what led them to get involved in the magazine, to the processes they go through to getting the magazine to publish, the exciting features of the upcoming issue and their high hopes for this new podcast service.

This podcast was produced by the Manchester Historian Online Team, with special thanks to the University of Manchester Media Services Department for the equipment, the Design Team for the artwork and to MONKJACK for the music (see the link below for more from him).

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The Floating World of Feudal Japan

“The Floating World” refers to the pleasure-seeking, urban lifestyle of the Edo period of Japan (1600-1868). This period of relative stability under Tokugawa Shogunate was one of prolific cultural output, especially in large cities such as the capital, Edo, which is now Tokyo. Haiku poetry found increased popularity during this period, propagated by master poets Continue Reading