Hello and welcome to the brand new history departmental newspaper; The Manchester Historian. We’re really excited about this new project, which will hopefully continue long after the three of us have graduated! Essentially, we wanted to establish a History community, and use the paper as a tool to promote stronger ties between students, staff, the university and the city itself. This is, after all, your home for the next few years, so you might as well know something about its past!

This paper is an entirely student led effort, with undergrads from all three years involved – see it as a platform for you to share your interests with the entire history department!

If Manchester’s long and turbulent past tickles your fancy, take a look at pages 5 and 6 to find out more. For you Ancient Historians out there, this issue’s feature section is on the Romans, so put down your library books and dive into a world of deranged emperors and secret sexuality on pages 7 to 10. We have a staff section containing an interview with the legendary Dr Max Jones, as well as research updates on what your lecturers are really doing outside of our contact hours! There’s also a fantastic reviews section, giving you the low down on all things history; from the local Manchester museum to the Oscar winning “The King’s Speech”. And if that’s not enough to set your historical heart racing, we’ve also included a procrastination puzzle page to keep you amused when you’re in the library “doing work”!

So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!