The first thing to notice when watching a televised lecture by AJP Taylor is how different the style of this history programme is when compared with the historical programmes on today.

Minimalism rules, with a plain black background and the lecturer the only objects in shot for 30 minutes. No music and no cutaway scenes, maps or illustrations. This may look out of date and perhaps a little tedious at first glance, stick with it though and the content and language of the lecturer is very accessible and Taylor is a likeable and engaging presenter.

The lectures were hugely popular at the time and this must be down in no small part to Taylor himself, who manages to come across as sincere, yet also affable and endearing at the same time.

After watching the piece I felt as though I had just been involved in an interesting, short lecture and it left me wondering if this series was on today whether it would be as popular as it once was. Those with a free half-hour to spare could do a lot worse than giving it a try.

Series available on BBC iPlayer.