It is now coming to that time of year when you will need to start thinking about your exams in January. You might still have a number of deadlines left, which may (understandably!) be taking up most of your time at the moment. It would still be worth your while, however, to set aside a small amount of time to start planning your revision, so that it doesn’t catch you out during the Christmas holidays.

Drafting up a revision plan is a very simple yet effective way to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be for when your exams start. Make sure you do schedule in regular breaks and time for relaxing, however, as although the holidays is the best time for you to get to grips with revision, it is also an important time for you to wind-down after a busy and often stressful first semester.

Different lecturers recommend revising different numbers of topics for their exam, so it is worth asking each of them how many they think you should cover. It is also important to not look at topics in an isolated way, but think about how their content overlaps, and fit them within broader themes. This means that you will have more content to use in your exam essays.

Another, somewhat obvious, and yet extremely important tip for exams is to make sure you know exactly where and when your exams are. You may have never visited some of the buildings before; it might be worth your while to check on a university map so that you know how to get there and how long it will take. Moreover, some buildings can be quite confusing, so you may want to schedule in a bit more time before your exam to give you a chance to find the right room.

Please don’t forget to contact your mentors if you have any questions about your exams or any other assignments. The History Peer Mentor Scheme is going to be running a Christmas event on Wednesday 11th December from 4:30-6pm in the foyer of the Samuel Alexander Building, just before the main History Christmas Party. The Student Co-ordinators and some peer mentors will also be in the foyer from 4pm on this day, to run an exam advice drop-in session, so if you have any queries please feel free to arrive a little early and we will do our
best to help!