Welcome to our first issue of the 2013. I know that the start of the year feels a long time ago now. I hope you feel that you have achieved a lot since then: exams sat, new courses started, results back. We are well into the hard slog part of the year, what with the plod-plod-plod of dissertations, long essays and the grind of a wintry term well underway. But fear not! For the Manchester Historian is here to brighten your day: to bring a smile to the most sullen face and a twinkle to the most down-turned eye.

We have got something for everyone. Join our debate on Richard III, buff up on horsemeat and other food adulteration horror stories, follow in the footsteps of our most adventurous alumni, or take a stand on gay marriage or women on the front line. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with your opinion.

Charlie Bush

I’m really happy we’ve had so much success with the Historian in Semester 1. With the launch of our website and various improvements in all departments, we’re now able to focus on new and exciting projects for Semester 2. I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Our Histories which is our aim to get the History department to compile an archive of their own personal histories. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to leave behind for future generations and may even someday be the source for a future History students’ dissertation!

I want to thank all the members of staff and writers who have contributed to this issue; they were keen and eager to go as soon as exams had finished despite us all being drained. It’s sad to think there are only a few more months before we have to handover the paper, but I’m sure the final issues will reflect just how far the paper has come along!

Ata Rahman