1928 in 10 Pictures


The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in Paris by 60 countries including France, Germany and the United States. The signatories agreed not to use war to resolve disputes. Countries began to wage war without declaring it instead.  (Wikimedia Commons)





Emelia Earhart greeting the Mayor of Southampton after becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger, four years before her solo flight. (Wikimedia Commons)

 emelia earhart




The Summer Olympics in Amsterdam allowed women to participate in Athletics and Gymnastics for the time. (Wikimedia Commons)


 summer olympics




The St. Francis Dam in California failed, the resulting floods killed 600 people. (friendsofalarchives.org)


 st. francis dam


Republican Herbert Hoover comfortably defeated Democrat Al Smith to win the United States Presidential Election (Wikimedia Commons)


 herbert hoover




The Okeechobee Hurricane killed c. 2500 people in Florida, making it the second most deadly hurricane in US history. (Wikimedia Commons)


 Okeechobee Hurricane

Leon Trotsky and his supporters are expelled from the Bolshevik Party and exiled to Kazakhstan by the 15th Party Congress (Wikimedia Commons)



Equal Franchise Act in the United Kingdom lowers the voting age for women from 30 to 21, giving them equal suffrage rights with men. (www.parliament.uk)

 equal franchise



The first appearance of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Walt Disney’s ‘Steamboat Willie’ (Wikimedia Commons)

 mickey and minny

Sir Alexander Fleming ‘accidentally’ discovered penicillin, marking the start of the use of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. (Wikimedia Commons)