English tank captured by Germans, photograph taken by civilian near Hindenburg line, 1919.

1 English tank captured by Germans


Amputees on a cigarette break, 1918.

10 Amputees Enjoying a Cigarette
Wounded American soldiers enjoying weaving at the ‘Walter Reed Hospital’ Washington D.C, 1918.

8 Wounded American Soldiers Weaving 1918
Americans wearing new gas masks, 1917.

2 American's_wearing_gas_masks_during_World_War_I (2)
David Lloyd George and ‘The Big Four’, Paris Peace Conference 1919.
4 Big Four at the WWI Paris Peace conference
The iconic and largely reproduced Lord Kitchener – ‘Britons Wants You’ poster.

3 Lord Kitchener - Britons Wants You
Wartime family photo on Dorset Beach, 1914.

5 Family on Dorset beach during 1914