Issue 19

The ritual of sacrifice has been an integral part of hundreds of cultures throughout the centuries. Many times this would involve the sacrifice of life, being a cow, a bull, or even a human being. But over the years sacrifice has manifested itself in other forms. Most notably, is the concept of self-sacrifice; the idea Continue Reading

Dating through the Ages

According to Greek mythology, the first humans were conjoined. They were completely self-sufficient and lived utopian lives. This greatly displeased the Gods, who conspired to partthem withbright flashes of lightening.  Ever since, men and women have been separated, eternally in search of their soulmate or their ‘better half’. Todaywe can find love from the comforts Continue Reading

Incan Sacrifice

The Incas, though never numbering more than 100,000 as an ethnic group, succeeded in creating the largest native empire in the New World until 1533. ‘Capacocha’ was the Inca practice of human sacrifice and recent discoveries in 1995 and 1999 have prompted further questions into this culture. In 1995, a frozen girl was found on Continue Reading