Simone de Beauvoir

Feminism as a movement has evolved dramatically since its popularisation in the mid twentieth century. Today, modern Western feminists use their keyboards as their weapons substituting for the more provocative arson attacks and hunger strikes employed by those for whom women’s suffrage was the leading battle. The fight for gender equality in the western world Continue Reading

‘The Milk of Paradise’: Opium Usein 19th century English Literature

Primarily taken as a tincture to remedy everyday ailments such as menstrual cramps, diarrhoea, wind, and piles, opium was also used recreationally in the 19th century and has often been associated with Victorian writers. Before the Pharmacy Act of 1868, which restricted the sale of ‘dangerous’ substances to pharmacies only, opium was widely available from Continue Reading

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses to have graced the screens of the United States and the world. Renowned for her beauty and artistic talent Monroe remains an international sex icon today, her legacy living on over 50 years after her death in 1962. Debate still surrounds the star, with many Continue Reading

Manchester’s 26 Statues

Disgracefully, there is currently only one female immortalised in bronze upon the streets of Manchester, Queen Victoria. The achievements of Manchester’s women are highly underrepresented, and the one women honoured remains a symbol ofour patriarchal society.Looking to redress this balance, the council has asked Manchester residents to suggestanother female torchbearer for the city’s streets from Continue Reading

Manchester Sports Teams

Manchester is known globally as one of the major UK cities, establishing itself within England through a vast history of industrial development, scientific and engineering output and a cultural past which includes significant contributions in music, arts, and crucially, the sporting landscape. As well as being home to two of British football’s biggest teams, Manchester’s Continue Reading