Issue 18

In 1869, Henry Morton Stanley went in search of the famous explorer, Dr. David Livingstone. Upon reaching the town of Ujiji, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Stanley encountered a white man and uttered one of the most famous sentences in the history of exploration: “Dr Livingstone I presume?” This fateful meeting captured the minds Continue Reading

Exploration in 10 photos

Throne Hall in Knossos (Wikimedia Commons) Fire and Energy (Morgan Hill Times)     The Problem Solvings of Archimedes (Wikimedia Commons) Statue of Tiberius (Wikimedia Commons) Aryabhatacrp (Wikimedia Commons) Alexander Flemming and Penicillin (wikimedia Commons) Pierre and Marie Curie (wikimedia Commons) The Terracotta Warriors (Wikimedia Commons) Tutanhamun’s Tomb Opened (Wikimedia Commons) Crate’s Terrestrial Sphere (Wikimedia Continue Reading

“Our Past Must Not Become the Future for Our Children”. The Liberation of Auschwitz – 70 years on.

In November 1944, with the Red Army’s march looking more and more unstoppable, Heinrich Himmler ordered gassing operations to cease across the Third Reich. The Sonderkommando (death camp prisoners forced to work in gas chambers) were ordered to remove evidence of any killings and hide all the mass graves within which many victims were buried. Continue Reading