Analysis of the French Revolution

The French Revolution symbolises possibly the most important political change in early modern Europe. The revolution spanning from 1789 to 1799 saw mass social and political change in France culminating in the abolition of the French monarchy and replacement with a secular and democratic republic. The outcome of the revolution, especially the rise of Napoleon Continue Reading

EU Referendum

The local and mayoral elections a few weeks ago have been suggested by some commentators to be somewhat a ‘non-event’. The really exciting part of the political year arrives on the 23rd of June when Britain votes on whether to remain or leave the European Union. It’s the first time the country has voted on Continue Reading

Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution

‘The Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution’, better known as ‘The Cultural Revolution’, was a communist social-political movement established by Mao in an attempt to revive Communism in China and reassert his dominance within the Chinese Communist Party. Mao’s former attempt at revolution in the form of The Great Leap Forward in 1958 had seen the rapid Continue Reading