Issue 42- Hidden Histories Prompts

This edition is published in collaboration with students at Cedar Mount Academy (CMA) in Gorton. Brought together through Dr Kerry Pimblott’s AHRC-funded project, ‘Grassroots Struggles, Global Visions: British Black Power, 1964-1985’, we have been working with these students to think about ‘hidden histories’ of Manchester. Following talks and workshops, the students at CMA have produced Continue Reading

Made In Dagenham: The Fight for Equal Pay, by Amani Bates

In 1968 there were 55,000 men employed at Ford Motor Company’s Dagenham Factory and only 187 women. These female machinists were informed that their job had been degraded to ‘unskilled’ work resulting in reduced pay. Consequently, the women went out on strike demanding, quite rightly, their grading be changed, and that they be given the appropriate pay.

The Female Malady: How have Cultural Ideas about Feminine Behaviour Shaped the Definition and Treatment of Madness in Women? By Isla Moore

For centuries, women in western Europe suffering from a long list of, sometimes vague, symptoms – including anxiety, loss of sexual desire, or too much sexual desire, insomnia and being ‘difficult’- could find themselves being labelled with the common medical diagnosis of ‘female hysteria’.