Seppuku- a Suicidal Honour, by Zoey Strzelecki

Seppuku was part of the honour code of Japanese samurai and could be performed for several reasons. Literally meaning, “stomach cutting”, samurai would sacrifice their own lives by method of disembowelment. Performed by the shorter of the two swords samurai carried, the wakizashi could be used to cut open the abdomen, and then upwards toward Continue Reading

Prostitute or Artist? The Truth about Geishas by Zoey Strzelecki

Geishas, whilst iconic for their beauty, elegance, and performance skills, also carry with them the stigmatisation of being prostitutes. Popular views on geishas are informed by stereotypes. Without knowledge of the culture, viewing geishas as artists over prostitutes has proved problematic. Their unique way of life and long traininghas seen them act as skilled entertainers, Continue Reading