Chávez in the national memory

The death of Venezuela’s longstanding and out outspoken Hugo Chávez has led academics and analysts including historians, to attempt to come to terms with how far the polarising president fulfilled the manifesto of his Bolívarian Revolution. The populist agenda of his administration amassed widespread support amongst the working classes. Vehement and widely publicised condemnations of Continue Reading

al-Qaeda in North Africa

When we say ‘al-Qaeda’, most people think of 9/11, the 2004 Madrid bombings and the attacks of 7/7. Less people know of their effect in the Maghreb region. However, since 2002 there has been a significant amount of activity attributed to the Islamic militant group here, the most recent being their attack on the Amenas Continue Reading

Post-exam Prague

Following an amazing trip to Berlin in 2012, the History Society wanted to give this year’s members the opportunity to get to know each other and delve into a new city as a post-exam treat. The end of exams approached and 50 students got themselves ready for a trip to Prague. We piled into our Continue Reading