Jackie Robinson: Athlete to Activist

  Jackie Robinson is a significant figure in African American history. He raised issues of race relations, not only in sport, but in society as a whole by becoming the first African American to play in Major League Baseball, erasing the colour line in the United States’ national pastime. When the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Robinson Continue Reading

Michelle: An Icon 

Michelle Obama is recognised globally for her position as First Lady of the United States, a position she held from 2009 to 2017. Being the first African American First Lady, Michelle Obama is an icon of the progressive and more liberal America which was practiced under the Obama administration.     Obama was named Most Fascinating Continue Reading

Idi Amin: The Expulsion of South Asians from Uganda

Since Idi Amin did not write an autobiography, research on his background is limited. Amin was born in 1923 in either Koboko or Kampala. A researcher from Makerere University has stated that Amin was the son of Andreas Nyabire, who converted from Roman Catholicism to Islam and changed his name to Amin Dada. Andreas abandoned Continue Reading


Have you ever done an internet search for ‘terrorist attacks since 9/11? I suspect not. But if you did, as I have to write this piece, you’d be astounded at the number. Dependent upon how you look at them, there have been 25-30 major terrorist attacks in the last 15 years, attributable to Islamic extremism. Continue Reading