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Posts published in “In Photos”

WW1 in Photos

English tank captured by Germans, photograph taken by civilian near Hindenburg line, 1919.   Amputees on a cigarette break, 1918. Wounded American soldiers enjoying weaving at the ‘Walter Reed Hospital’ Washington D.C, 1918. Americans wearing new gas masks, 1917. David Lloyd George and ‘The Big Four’, Paris Peace Conference 1919.…

A year in photos: 1984

Charlotte Johnson looks at the year 1984 in photos. Apple Inc recreates Orwell's 1984 in an ad, which was the closest the world got to his dystopia.

Advert technology in photos

Alice Rigby looks at the history of pictorial advertising from long, literal description to the QR code.

Awards fashion through time

Charlotte Johnson charts awards ceremony fashion through the decades.