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If you are a current student at The University of Manchester, or a History alumnus, please get in touch by email with article ideas. We welcome submissions from all students, and if you would like to write for us at any point in the year, we would love to hear from you!


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3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi,
    My name is James Green. I am an alumni from Manchester and even wrote some articles for you during my final year. In the process of applying for a new job that requires some writing examples I did a quick internet search to try and find them online. I managed to find one of my old pieces published in issue 14 entitled ‘Selfish Charity’ ( but was surprised and annoyed to find that the authorship of the article has been credited to a Charlotte Johnson. I then searched my old files and found a copy of the original text and saw that it was the same word for word. Not only is this plagiarism, but if the potential employers were to do an online search for the article they would think I was falsely trying to pass this work off as my own.

    Therefore I am writing to you to do change the name of this article as soon as possible to avoid any issues.


    1. Dear James,

      I am very sorry for the delay in response to this issue. As new head of online I have only recently had access to the WordPress, but I have immediately rectified it. Apologies for any inconvenience caused; as a result of your message a full-scale revision of articles authorship is taking place to ensure that no further mistakes are made like this.
      The discrepancy in this case is that Charlotte Johnson, who I am to assume was a former member of the online team, was responsible for uploading this article to the website and subsequently her WordPress account has been credited with posting the article, and has not been an attempt to steal intellectual property. To overcome this issue I have removed the ‘author’ aspect from our WordPress and have begun placing author names in the titles of publications.

      Best wishes,

      Wilf Kenning, Head of Online

  2. I would like to read two articles written by Nathan R Williams whom I am interviewing for a role. The two articles are:
    Sykes-Picot in the Colonial Context, Issue 31 November 2018; and “‘419 and ‘Big Men’: Colonialism and Corruption in Nigeria”, Issue 33 June 2019. I would appreciate it if you would email me the articles or send me a link. Many thanks and kind regards, Heather

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