Who was Steve Biko?

Born in 1946, Steve Biko was a black anti-apartheid campaigner who died in police custody in 1977. Biko established himself as a student leader in the 1960’s. His belief in the need for black South Africans to organise and liberate themselves free from liberal white influence led him to establish the Black Consciousness Movement in Continue Reading

How old are we?!

To an outside onlooker, it seems simple. The clever logo above clearly says that the University of Manchester was (Est)ablished in 1824, right? Wrong. Well, kind of. It is well known (or at least I think it is), that in 2004 the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST merged together to become one conventional university, Continue Reading

Issue 2

Welcome back to the first edition of this year’s Manchester Historian! For those of you who don’t already know we are the departmental student led newspaper. Do you agree with the way history is being taught in schools? Do you think there is too much focus on certain parts of past? Are you tired of Continue Reading