System Change, not Climate Change: The Origins and rise of Eco-Socialism, by Emily Hunt

Merging aspects of different ideologies is not uncommon in the history of the world. Political leaders have always twisted, blended, and combined many ideas to impose their own schemes on their citizens. This is often done through the revamping of Marxist thought into some new variant of socialism. Perhaps one of the most significant of these variants is eco-socialism

Tales of Two Cities: Fractured Nations in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and David Simon’s The Wire, by Eleanor Child

This article will feature in Issue 35: Fractured Nations (March 2020) Zadie Smith has said that the writer’s job is not ‘to tell us how somebody felt about something, it’s to tell us how the world works.’ Her 2000 novel White Teeth takes three cultures and three families and shows us how they experience the Continue Reading