Ancient Worlds Revived

The Manchester Museum opened its newly refreshed exhibitions of archaeology and Egyptology at the end of last semester. The Museum is nestled at the very heart of the University, across the road from University Place. It has a tremendously varied collection, ranging from Dinosaurs to (living) poisonous frogs and from anthropological to geological artefacts. The Continue Reading

Esteemed Chinese historian speaks to Manchester historians

Mid-February, the University of Manchester was graced with the special appearance of the president of the American Historical Association: Kenneth Pomeranz. A leading China expert, Professor Pomeranz delivered a guest lecture to students and faculty evaluating the weaknesses, and addressing criticism, of his famous thesis in The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of Continue Reading

Masters at Manchester?

The UK’s higher education institutions play host to both UK citizens and international students. According to there are 165 higher education institutions in the UK, many of which are world-class universities. The wealth of resources available across the UK, the funding opportunities offered and the quality of education and intensity of courses make the Continue Reading

Graham Hughes BA (Manchester) goes global

History undergraduates are often asked “so what will you do after your degree?” as if having a history degree dooms you to a life of unavoidable failure. No longer! Next time maybe you should answer “I don’t know. Maybe travel to every single country on earth!”, because that’s what Manchester Politics and Modern History graduate Continue Reading