‘Cries for Blood’: How Menstruation Affected the Gendered Identity of the Female Body During the Holocaust, by Emma Breslin

The effect of menstruation on females in concentration camps has often been omitted from popular research. Until recently, the history of the body has been somewhat omitted from historiography regarding the Holocaust, yet menstruation must be recognised as a feature which defined the female experiences of the Holocaust. Menstruation became a symbol of the horrific atrocities and struggles imposed upon the female body. This article will therefore explore whether menstruation in concentration camps was a gender identity crisis, or whether it facilitated female solidarity within the camps.

Dark tourism

One of the packages includes a bar crawl through Krakow, a visit to a lap dancing club, followed by a tour of the former concentration camps sites the next day. I was astonished at how disrespectful this would appear to be to the victims of the atrocity. One states “If you want to tick the Continue Reading