Orpheus Descending reviewed

This rather relatively underperformed Tennessee Williams’ play is set in the Deep South in the 40s. Claustrophobia and prejudice smothers the small town, where the parochial poison of vicious and sadistic hatred of wops, blacks and those that just don’t conform steadily intensifies. This is a deeply unsettling play that discomforts the audience, who can Continue Reading

The economic history of the EU

The history of European integration can be traced back to 1306, and the idea proposed by Pierre Dubois that European princes should form an assembly in order to attempt to secure a lasting European peace. 706 years later, much of the continent is tied, to some degree, to the European Union evidenced by Greece’s recent Continue Reading

How bikes changed our history

The concepts of mobility and freedom are centuries-old, yet little has shaped their history more than the bicycle. German Karl Von Drais created the first commercially successful, two-wheeled vehicle in 1818. He called it the velocipede and across Europe Drais’ design was copied and reinvented as fashionable. It was, however, confined to an aristocratic market Continue Reading