HulmeSituated in the leafy Victoria Park campus, Hulme Hall is home to over 400 students and as such is the biggest hall in the area. Complete with it’s own bar, dining and sports facilities, and an active JCR; it is often considered to be the social hub of the Victoria Park campus. The hall boasts a successful football and rugby team, with the Hulme Hawks rugby boys being touted as this year’s campus league winners after some impressive performances.

The hall also has a great historical significance. It was one of the frst halls of accommodation to be set up in Owens College, the precursor of the University of Manchester, before the university started expanding and growing in influence, and as such is seen as integral to the university’s historical essence.Hulme 2

It is made up of 6 blocks the oldest of which, Houldsworth, was built in 1907; with an expansion coming in 1967 which added five more blocks: Christie, Oaklands, Greenwood, Birley, Plymouth. Burkhardt House was added in 1994 and is the only self-catered block of Hulme housing up to 124 extra students.