The Battle of Peleliu

The Battle of Peleliu, or Operation Stalemate II, was a controversial battle fought between the US and Japan from September to November 1944 on Peleliu, a volcanic island just six miles wide in present-day Palau. During the course of the battle, Japanese resistance inflicted heavy damage on the US troops. Although it resulted in literal Continue Reading

The Watergate Scandal: Can You Ever Really Trust Political Officials?

The Watergate scandal was a major political catastrophe, which created a constitutional crisis in America. It not only removed the trust between the American public and the political system, it also had ramifications across the world. Hence, why major crises now carry the suffix ‘-gate’, such as in the recent political fiasco featuring Andrew Mitchell, Continue Reading

What’s going on Around Manchester?

University Events: • Wednesday 2nd December: Find Out About Internships: Roscoe 2.3 • Wednesday 16th December: History Staff/Student Christmas Party: Sam Alex North Foyer: 5-7pm • Rotating Wednesdays and Saturdays: University Heritage Campus Tours Getting into the Festive Spirit: Get into the Christmas spirit this year at Manchester Christmas Markets! Spread around the city centre, Continue Reading

History Careers Column

Your monthly careers update! It’s nearly Christmas and the winter break is the perfect time to be thinking a little about careers. With 2016 fast approaching, mapping where you might want to be in years to come is a great idea and there is plenty of help available to help you do just that. The Continue Reading