After a long Christmas break the history sports teams have been back in action since the start of the semester and the Netball team are back to their old winning form of late, one which we grew so accustomed to in semester one.

Netball girls

After a thrashing defeat to the StaffNet Pixies, the Netball team were able to pick up the pieces and collect three points from their most recent game after a close 10-9 victory over the Hulme Hall netball team. A most improved performance with tight man-to-man marking and short, sharp agile passes saw the team maintain their lead throughout the game. The team would have however fallen short, without the star performance put in by our goal shooter, Zoey Strzelecki, who scored all 10 of History’s goals on the night and walked away with her first and most well-deserved Player of the Match accolade. With a few weeks off now, the girls can continue working on these tactical plays that are proving so effective on the court.


Meanwhile History FChaving cruised into the next round of the Campus League Cup, after the German Society’s Football team failed to show up, with a common feeling amongst the team it was out of fear of defeat, were recently knocked out after losing in the Quarter Finals. Despite the recent slump in the team’s form, Richard Pier has continued to prove his worth to History FC, constantly making key tackles without fear of the physical repercussions. All the while, Captain Will Kelly who wears his heart upon his sleeve for every game continues to throw himself at anything and everything on the pitch.


Good luck to both teams in their forthcoming and final games of the semester as the season begins to draw to a close.