The European Super League: Power to the People, by Adam Jennings

On April 18, 2021, football was rocked to its very core. Amidst the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs suddenly announced their intention to form a new, breakaway continental competition in a move that would shock the world, giving birth to the deeply controversial and ill-fated European Super League.

Marie Antoinette: Death, Cake, and Scandal, by Mae Caitlin Murphy

On October 16th 1793, a widow and mother-of-four died. Her hair allegedly turned white overnight from the stress of anticipating her execution. Two weeks prior she had lost her son and heir, Louis-Joseph, at age 7. She was on trial for treason and theft, alongside a false charge alleging sexual abuse against her youngest son Louis-Charles. She had only two days to prepare for the trial against the ruthless Antoine Quentin Fouquirer-Tinville, President of the Tribunal.

Women and the Russian Revolution: profile on a key female figure during the Russian Revolution, the protest on International Women’s Day, and how the Bolsheviks changed the lives of women, by Alexandra Baynes

The extraordinary lives of women in Russia get somewhat buried by the histories of men. Icons such as Valentina Tereshkova and Anna Pavlova are overshadowed by dominating figures like Lenin, Stalin and Putin. Women made enormous contributions to the complex history of Russia; in fact, women directly influenced the course it took, as illustrated by the fact that the demonstration of women workers asking for bread was the stimulus for the Russian Revolution of 1917. It’s time that Russian women get their fair share of the limelight.