A history of alcohol: gin

Classically, gin should be served with cubes of ice, a wedge of lime and tonic water. But where do the tonic and lime come from? Tonic contains quinine which has antimalarial properties and became an important mixer with gin for colonial British officers, initially in South Asia but also in Africa. Lime was originally added to gin to make lime juice more palatable, because it was a good countermeasure against scurvy.

Small islands

We all know plenty about Sicily, Crete and Cuba, but what about those tiny little patches of land in Earth’s vast oceans? Here’s a few interesting facts about three islands you may only know very little about… Thursday Island (Waiben) Waiben is the local Melanesian name for this island located just North of the Cape Continue Reading

History left behind

Living in the hectic metropolis of Manchester, it’s hard to imagine the bustling streets empty and abandoned, the buildings left to ruin and decay, and complete silence where once was the sound of thousands of people. However there are entire Islands in the world that have been abandoned, now uninhabitable, and buildings which saw thousands Continue Reading