Having been newly promoted to Division 1, History FC in the 2016-17 season led an inspiring campaign against the odds. The season began badly, with a thumping 4-1 defeat at the hands of Division 1 veterans Geography FC. Having to quickly find our feet, we decided to mirror Antonio Conte’s tactical success in the Premier League with Chelsea and move to the risky 3-4-3 formation. This decision turned out to be a stroke of genius and by Christmas we were sitting in 2nd place and pushing for promotion to the Premier Division. We finished the season in a respectable position in the top half of the table.


The end of last season signalled the end of an era for many History FC players who all left University to move onto greater things. Only 4 veterans remained in the team. With not long before the season began, and after several stages of trials, we managed to assemble a squad with the hope of achieving promotion to the Premier Division. This included the magnificent transfer of Jack Pierce from Law FC to History FC. With an average height of well under six-foot and a concentration of defensive-minded players, there existed many doubters to our success and a tactical change from last season was very much required. We began the season with an unfortunate 1-0 defeat to the Division 1 newcomers: The Faculty of Life Sciences FC. The score would have likely been very different if we had been able to convert the abundance of goal-scoring opportunities at our disposal. Instead, an early second half goal gave them the victory. Despite the loss, it was a positive start to the season.

We changed to a 4-4-1-1 formation for our next game against Slems Opal Gardens & Canterbury Court FC. It was here we showed our potential as a team, winning the match 2-0. We dominated from start to finish. Our squad was only limited to two goals due to a man of the match performance from their keeper. Scoring began with a thumping effort from midfield maestro Arthur Briggs and was rounded off with a tap in from winger Patrick McMahon.

We faced league leaders Athletico Hulme in our most recent game. After achieving
a top-half finish in the Premier Division last season, the opposition brought their a-game; dealing us an emphatic 7-3 loss. Our goalscorer once again were Arthur and Patrick accompanied by striker Matt Walsh.

If anyone is at a loose end on a Wednesday afternoon, come down to Wythenshawe Sports Ground and watch us propel ourselves into the Premier Division!