Al-Farabi: The second teacher, forgotten in modern histories of Philosophy? By Zeeshan Mahmood

Imagine how our culture would appear had the likes of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle not existed? Quite impoverished, it can readily be assumed. But then again, where would European Culture be today had Islam not existed? This is an intellectual/cultural debt that is yet to be sufficiently acknowledged.

Arpilleras against Augusto: Community and Memory in Pinochet’s Chile, by Sarah Cundy

Amidst empty streets in a fearful nation, Chilean women met at churches and in neighbours’ houses to stitch compassionately into fabric their stories of an uncompassionate truth. These pieces documented the realities of life under Pinochet’s military dictatorship and provided the women who made them with a voice, a community, and a means of receiving economic solidarity from abroad.

Ever since Eve: How the Bible has been used to oppress women since the Garden of Eden, by Sam Pilling

This article will feature in Issue 38: Language and Culture The Bible, the true representation of God’s word and will, a book with unparalleled influence on world history that shows no sign of abating, has proved to be one of the largest sources of ethnic, racial, and gendered conflict. Ever since Eve deceived in the Continue Reading