A brief discussion of the Queue in Imperial China: The subjugation of the Han Chinese people through laws on hairstyle and its implications on Chinese cultural identity, by Katie Page

Whilst this article provides a simple, brief overview of the forced adoption of the Queue, this was but one of the forms of oppression experienced at the hands of the Qing dynasty, with there being considerably more complexities and laws than can be written about.

‘From Kama Sutra to now’ – How has colonial rule impact South-Asian queer identity and literature? by Ocean Dattani

Great strides have been made towards stronger representations of queerness both in law and in the media, yet further work is needed to achieve a more intersectional approach. Whilst television programmes like Heartstopper are fantastic, and should be celebrated for their ability to show queer joy, they point towards a trend of representing dominant white narratives of queerness.

The Deadly Legacy of the Vietnam War, By Eve Henley

Upon visiting Phong Nah-Ke Bang – a national park located in the middle of the Annamite Mountains in Vietnam – I was stunned to observe that exploration was not advised without a map marking the unexploded bombs of the area. Despite the war in Vietnam culminating over 45 years ago, the subject of unexploded ordnance is an issue that plagues the inhabitants of not only Vietnam but Laos and Cambodia too, further exacerbating issues of poverty, inaccessibility of farmland and hatred towards the US.

Remembering Asia-Pacific Natural Disasters, By Emily Jackson

The Asian-Pacific has undeniably been impacted by devastating natural disasters. Investigating from a socio-economic perspective, cases such as the 2004 Tsunami (a natural disaster so big its death toll reached 227,898 across Indonesia and Thailand), can provide an insight into the severity of the chaos wreaked on communities savaged by the natural world.

From the Kama Sutra to Now: The Impact of Colonial Rule on South Asian Queer Culture, by Nicole Brown

This article will feature in Issue 38: Language and Culture Despite only having overturned Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalised homosexuality,  in September 2018, India has a long queer history, which the BJP (the incumbent Hindu nationalist party) completely disregard.  Both ancient Indian culture and mythological texts directly refute the attitude that Continue Reading