Grass Eye and Mole Express: Music Magazines and Radical Local Politics in 1960s/70s Manchester, by Kristin Cooper

The history of the burgeoning counterculture in Britain often centres around London, with underground magazines and newspapers such as Oz, Frendz and the International Times being identified as the alternative press of the day. Although London was a countercultural epicentre, the existence of Grass Eye and Mole Express in Manchester illustrate the countercultural movement in Continue Reading

‘I am a free man on Sunday’: Rambling, Freedom and the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass, by Erin Jarrett

“I may be a wage slave on Monday / But I am a free man on Sunday.” The final, defiant lines of Ewan MacColl’s The Manchester Rambler are set to a jovial tune that has become a standard for English folk singers; yet one could be forgiven for not having heard it. The song, and the trespass it commemorates, occupy a somewhat niche space in English history – side-lined, along with the entire debate around land ownership and access, by ingrained and unquestioned notions of property.