Issue 14

As you sit at a desk trying to recall a mountain of information learnt in three hours each week for the last few months, it’s tempting to dream about pastures sunny. In this issue, we’ve provided you with the perfect fodder for those forgetful exam moments, though we’d recommend saving it for after you’ve walked Continue Reading

Issue 13

Last month, we discovered that gang culture is almost as native to Manchester as Corrie and football. Inspired by this, we have delved into history’s murky underworld and uncovered the criminal activities that have marred society throughout the centuries. From crimes of passion to the history of the mob mentality, we have reviewed the misdeeds Continue Reading

Issue 11

Although we may be buried under a mountain of essays, dreading the thought of exams and dying from a medley of diseases, the debacle of the end of term does signal one good thing; Christmas is coming! In honour of this, we have devoted this issue to winter festivities, from the religious, to the pagan, to the downright commercial …

Issue 9

Since it was founded two years ago, the Manchester Historian has grown and developed with each set of editors that has come to its helm. We have been no exception and we hope that the new features in this first issue for the 2013/14 academic year will only make the magazine more exciting for you, Continue Reading