Name: Lewis Namier
Lived: 1888 – 1960

Born in Poland in 1888 into a conflicted childhood; constantly disagreed with his Father’s views through his abhorrence of the dual-monarchy. Namier was a long time Zionist & campaigned for a Jewish state. Namier fought briefly for Britain during First World War, but was excused due to poor eyesight, holding bureaucratic positions instead.

Served as part of British Delegation at Versailles conference; chief area of responsibility was Poland.

Professor at Manchester University from 1931 to 1953, during which he taught primarily on 18th century British politics and the emergence of modern nationalism.

Legacy of Namier’s insistence on the irrationality of human beings and thus the impossible nature of understanding all historical events as rational is still important today.

Was a contemporary of Freud and greatly influenced his pupil, AJP Taylor.