The entertaining juxtaposition of a King and a car park certainly makes for an eye-catching headline, but the discovery of Richard III’s body does not actually provide much, if any, useful information about his personality or his reign. In spite of our better judgement we still fall into the trap of over-valuing primary sources and this is an example of just that. We may have given the fanatical modern-day Ricardians some ‘closure’ and confirmed that he did indeed have a curved spine, but really we know nothing more about Richard’s short rule than we did before. Arguably, the story has temporarily roused people’s interest in history, but this is a very restricted and outdated view of what history is, placing too much emphasis on dead monarchs and whether they were ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’ and too little on the wider context and bigger themes. The TV crews have already moved on, and so should we.