You would not expect to find those two words in the same sentence right?

However, evidence has shown that the Fuhrer of the Third Reich shared the same (apparent) vision as the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden; a vision of a blazing New York City.

According to officers in the Nazi party, Hitler had expressed multiple times that he wished to blow up New York because he did not approve of the vast array of races and ethnicities there, and because his anti-semitic mind frame meant that he also detested the success that Jewish bankers had in that city.

But ultimately, the Fascist dictator wanted to blow up New York in order to cause destruction that the USA’s ‘precious’ democracy and capitalism would not be able to solve.

Although it was 4000 miles away from Berlin, New York’s destruction was continuously being heavily planned by Hitler’s scientists. They came up with various schemes, such as suicide planes, however, none of these had ever come close to succeeding. But the passion and planning that had gone into these schemes was immense and therefore actually makes it really scary to think about!

While Hitler never got his wish to blow up New York, a group with a similar creed to the Nazis picked up where the Nazis had left off. This (supposedly) occurred just over half a century later on the 11th of September 2001, by Al-Qaeda. Not only did Hitler and Bin Laden have this in common, there are also many other similarities between the two figureheads that had formerly gone unnoticed.

Firstly, the demise of Bin Laden came exactly 66 years to the day of the 1st of May 1945, the day that Hitler’s death was first announced to the German public. As well as this, they also had a lot in common on a personal level, they were both diagnosed from a distance with narcissistic personality disorder, and both believed that they were carrying out divine missions.

Lastly, in a speech to US military officers in September 2006, the 43rd President of the USA, George W. Bush openly compared Hitler and Bin Laden to each other as well as to former Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin (leader of the Soviet Union, 1918-1924).

So who knows what would have happened if Hitler had been the one to blow up New York first?

Would the USA have proclaimed the War on Terror on Germany? Would Iraq never have been invaded?

Potentially, the whole modern history of the world could have been different if Hitler had succeeded at blowing up New York