The ritual of sacrifice has been an integral part of hundreds of cultures throughout the centuries. Many times this would involve the sacrifice of life, being a cow, a bull, or even a human being. But over the years sacrifice has manifested itself in other forms. Most notably, is the concept of self-sacrifice; the idea that a human being will give up something for a cause. In this issue we have tried to explore the concept of sacrifice in different ways, from the Incan ritual of sacrificing young children to please the gods, to those who give up food and fast for religious beliefs.


With award season on the front pages of all newspapers after Madonna’s Brits tumble, our ‘History Behind the Headlines’ explores the history of the Oscars,and in thinking about the recent Greek elections we investigated the history of Greek politics, the home of democracy.


Did you know that the Vikings attacked Paris in 885AD? Or that Chinese men could take concubines alongside their wives and father their children? Or that the British suppressed one of the most bloody rebellions in Kenya? No? Well read on to our history you should know to learn more about these key historical events.


With the reopening of the famous Whitworth Art Gallery, and the refurbishing of The Manchester Central library, our writers have explored the history and reviewed parts of our newly revamped city. We also look at the effect of Motown music on America’s civil rights movement, and review the famous book Empire Made Me, the experiences of an Englishman adrift in Shanghai.


Finally, we have our monthly interview, this time with renowned early modernist Daniel Szechi and our undiscovered hero of history this month is John R. Fox, whose unknown tale of self-sacrifice is inspiring to all who read it.


Also, after the Easter we will start advertising for next year’s Historian team so have a look at the back for roles you could get involved with.


We hope you enjoy Issue 19,

Xan and Zoey



Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

Martin Luther King, Jr.