Have you ever done an internet search for ‘terrorist attacks since 9/11? I suspect not. But if you did, as I have to write this piece, you’d be astounded at the number. Dependent upon how you look at them, there have been 25-30 major terrorist attacks in the last 15 years, attributable to Islamic extremism. Continue Reading

The Russian Revolution

If there was to be one defining year in Russian history, it would undoubtedly be the year of 1917. Centuries of imperial rule came crashing down around the final Tsar of Imperial Russia, Nicholas II, in 1917 as a result of great unrest and frustration at the Tsarist regime. The effects of short and long-term Continue Reading

Peer Mentor Column

As another academic year comes to an end and we start to tie up our loose ends here at the history department in Manchester, some things are just beginning. A fresh new team of Peer Mentors have been trained up and new student coordinators have taken over (hey!). From September the Peer Mentor Scheme within Continue Reading

The Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic (or ‘Agricultural’) Revolution is a label that is placed on the period of time starting from around 12,000 years ago, where there was a transition within many human cultures from a lifestyle of nomadic hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and permanent settlement, allowing the ability to support an increasingly large population. Continue Reading

Neil Armstrong

The twenty-first century, although in its infancy, has seen some of the most extraordinary space-related developments in human history. From the first landing on a comet in 2009 to the discovery of water on Mars in 2015, these advancements were made possible by scientific precedent of the twentieth century. Most significantly, the period of the Continue Reading