As the academic year comes to an end, the History Society would like to give you one final update. On the 10th May, we held our Annual General Meeting to elect our new committee for 2017/18. After some great speeches from those present and from a couple of history students abroad, we were able to name our new committee. Here they are!

President: Tiggy Hillbery
Vice-President: Zeni Bellwood
Social Sec: Tom Verheyden
Secretary: Martha Norman-Long
Treasurer: Clare Tiplady
Tour Sec: Tori Williams
Social Media Sec: Caitlin Hughes
Academic Officer: Emma Ratheram
Careers Sec: Ruth Bretts

Congratulations! On behalf of the old committee, we wish you the best of luck for next year and hope you find each of your roles enjoyable and fulfilling. We’d like to say thank you to our staff members and lecturers for their continued support over the year and want to give a massive round of applause for all HistSoc members for your involvement in socials and the development of the department. We hope everyone’s exams went smoothly and wish you a great holiday!