Concealing Scandal: Censorship in Chinese Media versus British Freedom of the Press

In the aftermath of the Leveson debate and the heavily publicised phone hacking scandal in 2011, the freedom enjoyed by the British press has been subjected to relentless criticism. Contrastingly, China maintains an iron grip upon the reigns of its media, arguably using censorship to conceal the affairs of government from the public. Does China’s Continue Reading

Esteemed Chinese historian speaks to Manchester historians

Mid-February, the University of Manchester was graced with the special appearance of the president of the American Historical Association: Kenneth Pomeranz. A leading China expert, Professor Pomeranz delivered a guest lecture to students and faculty evaluating the weaknesses, and addressing criticism, of his famous thesis in The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of Continue Reading

How bikes changed our history

The concepts of mobility and freedom are centuries-old, yet little has shaped their history more than the bicycle. German Karl Von Drais created the first commercially successful, two-wheeled vehicle in 1818. He called it the velocipede and across Europe Drais’ design was copied and reinvented as fashionable. It was, however, confined to an aristocratic market Continue Reading