Welcome back to the first edition of this year’s Manchester Historian! For those of you who don’t already know we are the departmental student led newspaper.

Do you agree with the way history is being taught in schools? Do you think there is too much focus on certain parts of past? Are you tired of learning about Hitler again and again? Turn to page three for a commentary on today’s current curriculum and whether or not it needs to be changed. If you’ve been living here for a while and still know nothing about the men behind the buildings you spend so much of your time in have a look at pages four and five. For those of you interested in Medieval studies, this issue’s feature section in on the Dark Ages. Take a break from your constant studying (or TV watching) and immerse yourself in a world of mythical kings and dining standards that would shock even students. We have a staff section containing staff updates, and an interview with the department’s own Dr Chris Godden! New to the paper this year is the history society page, and the postgraduate page, detailing up and coming events for the next few weeks, as well as information on what to do if you wish to further a career in history. There’s also a riveting reviews section, including opinions on Niall Ferguson’s controversial documentary, and a trip to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Interested in a career in advertising, or journalism, or just looking for something to make you stand out on your CV? This year the Manchester Historian is expanding; new roles are being created, and a committee of more senior positions needs to be allocated. This experience will give you a fantastic opportunity to learn to how use the software of leading newspapers, sharpen your copy editing skills, develop advertising campaigns, and much more!