The Alan Gilbert building

Finally, the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons opened its doors to students and as they came trudging in, wet and windswept, it was clear that this visionary building immediately inspired them. Honouring the University’s late inaugural president and vice-chancellor, this building’s ‘distinctly Manchester’ design is reflected throughout. Names of contributors are forever engraved into the floor Continue Reading

One nation Miliband?

Ed Miliband’s recent Conference Speech was met with great acclaim for its ambitious and surprising declaration of a “One Nation” Labour Party. It was undoubtedly a brave and rousing message, but the proposal of “One Nation” is nothing new.The concept originated with a Conservative Prime Minister speaking 140 years earlier, yards from where Miliband himself Continue Reading

Hobsbawm obituary

The Marxist economic historian Eric Hobsbawm, who has died aged 95, was regarded internationally as one of most the prominent British historians, his works being number one on the reading list for every student with an interest in modern history. Born in 1917, Hobsbawm grew up in Egypt, Vienna and Berlin, where he witnessed the Continue Reading

Archbishops behaving badly

Now that Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has announced his impending retirement, there’s been a whole lot of speculation over his successor. But Christians really needn’t worry. Whoever gets the job can’t be nearly as brilliantly bonkers as some of Williams’ predecessors. Take Archbishop George Abbot for example. In 1621 he straight-up killed Continue Reading