According to the University of Manchester, the aims of the Peer Mentoring Scheme are to enhance the quality, quantity, and diversity of student learning within a discipline and involve students as partners in their own learning experience. Furthermore, the scheme can provide further opportunity for the development of intellectual and professional competencies, and to provide students with a supportive environment to assist the transition to higher education.

The History department have been busy since the beginning of the year; peer mentors held a quiz for freshers to welcome them to Manchester. Recently, mentors have been going into History in Practise seminars to check on their mentees and make sure they’re getting on well and enjoying themselves. Upcoming events include the very-exciting Christmas event – more details to follow soon!

As a Classics and Ancient History peer mentor myself, I have been told that our support is often very helpful. Arriving at university for the first time and not knowing anyone can be daunting, so to have other students to help you out with whatever you need is really comforting. Moreover, students are more likely to turn to their peer mentors in times of need outside of their academic work, so the scheme definitely works well with first years.

So far, the CLAH Peer Mentoring scheme have held an assignment talk – with free pizza! – for students to attend and ask any questions they had regarding essays, source analyses, gobbets, and language exams. We have also organised an accommodation document for first years to assist them with finding housing responsibly for next year. Throughout the year, we will be having pub quizzes and other workshops, so make sure you know who your mentor is or risk missing out on the fun!