The Season Review

The season unfolded with all the excitement of the finest of Hollywood scripts. A story of passion, revenge, unrequited love and goals.Lots and lots of goals. Although they did not finish as league champions,the men of history will be considered by many as the people’s champion. As the late great Johan Cruyff said about Holland’s failure to win the 1974 World Cup, ‘“Yeah, but maybe we were the real winners in the end, I think the world remembers our team more”, in thirty years’ time the same thing will surely be uttered by those who witnessed History F.C’s swashbuckling run to promotion and the Shield. Dan Bunter, player-manager-captain, studying History, is clearly a disciple of Cruyff’s as he moulded a magical style of football that became simply known as ‘The History Way’. Built upon a revolutionary 3-5-2 formation, the fluid style of possession football combined with gegenpressing recalled memories of the finest sides to ever grace the StadioD’elle Wythenshawe. History won more than the Shield and promotion this season; they won the hearts and minds of all of football.

Two Season-Defining Games:

B.A. Econ 1 – 3 History F.C.
In the first game of the season History lost 0-1 to Econ in a game that was marred by the intervention of the Conservative Government. By holding the Tory party conference on the same day as the first round of league fixtures, David Cameron helped out his Pedigree chum, George Osborne and his Econ team by delaying the buses to Wythenshawe. Leaving three key History players stranded and missing throughout the first half and ensuring an Econ victory.

In a fine performance that epitomised ‘The History Way’ History F.C. emerged with 1-3 win in the reverse fixture. Fittingly one of the key architects behind the beautiful football History F.C. have played this season opened the scoring, Dan Bunter with a trademark 40 yard Free-Kick. His 20th career goal in History colours. This was followed by another familiar sight as Will Kelly slotted away a penalty before half time. The result was then confirmed in the second half when Nick Jeyarajah bundled home a set-piece. A consolation goal and a flying elbow from Econ mattered little as History emerged triumphant in an outstanding example of the beautiful game.
A game that the Econ players won’t forget in a hurry. As they spend their summers in cushy placement jobs at various evil banks and corporations across the country, oiling the wheels of Capitalism they’ll remember the day that History taught them a footballing lesson.

Alan Mainwaring Shield Final: History 3-0 Medics Wednesday

History’s opponents were Medics Wednesday, a team they stuck twelve past in the regular season but there could be no complacency. This was the Alan Mainwaring Shield after all; a trophy known throughout the world for its fairy tale upsets. In a tense opening twenty minutes the tackles flew in from both sides and it became clear that the Medics weren’t just here for a day out. A huge crowd watched on as History took the lead with a stunning team goal, Smirnoff’s Tom Glover© received the ball in midfield and spotted the intelligent run of forward Henry Scanlan who raced onto the ball and did what he does best, finishing with aplomb after he had rounded the hapless Medics ‘keeper.

As the second half began the Medics emerged extremely pumped up, rumours of dieting pills abuse has been unconfirmed but it mattered little. Scott Doherty embarked on one of his mazy runs down the left and was chopped down right on the edge of the area. The rotund referee pointed to the spot and Will Kelly nervelessly slotted the penalty away. This was followed by a Tom Russell toe punt to confirm victory. History had done it! They had won the Shield! Picking up the mantle from Jeremy Hunt they had well and truly screwed the junior Doctors. They were dancing on the streets of the Sam. Alex as History F.C. ensured their place in the pantheon of the great footballing sides.

This season will live long in the memory for everyone involved in what is undoubtedly the greatest sporting story of the year and possibly ever.

It’s been a pleasure,
Reporter Neil Davies.


ISSL Division TwoRunners-Up 2015-16
Alan MainwaringShield Winners 2015-16

Players’ Player of the Season: Ollie Brown
Manager’s Player of the Season: Henry Scanlan
Most Improved Player: Pat Harvey
Lifetime Achievement Award: Will Kelly
Golden Boot: Joel Standerwick (20 goals)